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On 25. august 2012, in Eeklo, Belgium, a team of young radioamaterus from different European countries, which were paricipants on European YOTA meeting, came with an idea to create so called Youngsters’ QSO, which is sked (monthly meeting on HF), that take place every first sunday in month on HF band.

The creators of idea were:
  • Geoffrey, F4FVI
  • Pascal, PD9PSG
  • Mari, OH2FPK
  • Kati, OH2FKX
  • Gregor, S53SL
  • Markus, DL2MGW
The team

The Idea as it was in the begining
(powerpoint presentation)
Goals, aims
  • Stay in contact after youngster meeting
  • Promote youth hams on HF
  • Try and get youngsters to be more active.
  • Allow young SWLs to listen in on other youngsters, more relatable.
  • To show that youngsters are active.
Date and time
  • Once a month -> every 1st last Sunday of the month.
  • Time:
  • GMT: 20:00 it varies
    • Central Europe: GMT+1/2
    • Eastern Europe: GMT+2/3  
  • 40 meters: 7.050 – 7.100
  • 20 meters: if needed 14.200 - 14.300
  • Frequency will be announced before the sked.
  • A website especially for young HAMs.
  • RSS-feed
  • IRC-chat
  • Maybe more in the future to help young HAMs.
  • www.ham-yota.eu http://younghamqso.eu.pn/

Pascal, PD9PSG  came on idea to set up a web page where informatons about sked would be and also other useful information for young ham radio operators and those who want to become, or the topic is interesting for them. I must also say thanks to him for spending some money to buy the domain and  by that supporting the project and  promoting ham radio to young people.

Further on...
The history has continued and the page changed it's purpose and became official YOTA page. Due some problems in communication, we lost our page and for same reasons don't want to continue using it for Youngsters QSO sked. So we decided to upgrade archive page and now it has also got new domain, YoungHamQSO.eu.pn, later (now) YoungHam.QSO.club